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Ha ha, new year's resolution to be better with LJ my ARSE. I'm sorry, guys - I've been back at work two weeks and it feels like six months or more have passed. I have failed at keeping up with my flist though I promise to TRY this weekend. Anyway, I really wanted to post my silly, flaily, inevitably capslocky thoughts about the latest episode of House, but after I got done photoshopping the crap out of the episode, I fell dead asleep. I am a ridiculous old lady. SIGH.

But here I am, because this episode was so glorious after that insanely long hiatus, and I'm going to watch it again and live-blog it while I do... beware - spoilery images galore beneath the cut!

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Superband | 寂寞難耐

2011: movies, books, theatre, concerts

Still aiming to hit at least 100 movies and 20 books this year... and where theatre and concerts are concerned - obviously the more the merrier.

1. Out Of Sight + (1 Jan)
2. Snowfall In Taipei + (1 Jan)
3. Here Comes The Bride, My Mom! + (1 Jan)
4. Love And Other Drugs (2 Jan)
5. Meet The Parents: Little Fockers (4 Jan)
6. The Tourist (8 Jan)
7. Burlesque (15 Jan)
8. Gulliver's Travels (20 Jan)
9. The Fighter (23 Jan)
10. Fair Game (23 Jan)
11. Hereafter (29 Jan)
12. Monsters (30 Jan)
13. Freakonomics (30 Jan)
14. The Green Hornet (2 Feb)
15. 開心萬歲 I Love Hong Kong (3 Feb)
16. Black Swan (5 Feb)
17. The Rebound (6 Feb)
18. The King's Speech (9 Feb)
19. 我知女人心 What Women Want (24 Feb)
20. 127 Hours (26 Feb)
21. The Kids Are All Right (26 Feb)
22. True Grit (27 Feb)
23. The Adjustment Bureau (5 Mar)
24. 得閒炒飯 All About Love (6 Mar)
25. Rango (13 Mar)
26. Scott Pilgrim vs The World (19 Mar)
27. The Illusionist (20 Mar)
28. I Am Number Four (23 Mar)
29. World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles (26 Mar)
30. Morning Glory (2 Apr)
31. Made In Dagenham (3 Apr)
32. Mary And Max (5 Apr)
33. Scream 4 (17 Apr)
34. Limitless (17 Apr)
35. Source Code (23 Apr)
36. Arthur (24 Apr)
37. Thor (29 Apr)
38. Water For Elephants (11 May)
39. Micmacs (15 May)
40. Paul (15 May)
41. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (22 May)
42. Kung Fu Panda 2 (27 May)
43. X-Men: First Class (4 Jun)
44. Super 8 (11 Jun)
45. The Hangover 2 (12 Jun)
46. Green Lantern (19 Jun)
47. Jane Eyre (21 Jun)
48. The Beaver (26 Jun)
49. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (2 Jul)
50. Mrs Ratcliffe's Revolution (5 Jul) +
51. Monte Carlo (5 Jul)
52. Larry Crowne (7 Jul)
53. A Fish Called Wanda (9 Jul) +
54. Incendies (12 Jul)
55. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (Part II) (15 Jul)
56. Bridesmaids (21 Jul)
57. Horrible Bosses (31 Jul)
58. Clueless (7 Aug)
59. Captain America: The First Avenger (8 Aug)
60. Shaun Of The Dead (10 Aug) +
61. Empire Records (12 Aug)
62. Hanna (25 Aug) +
63. Midnight In Paris (25 Aug) +
64. Cars 2 (30 Aug)
65. Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (30 Aug)
66. Beginners (7 Sep)
67. Cowboys And Aliens (8 Sep)
68. crazy, stupid love (8 Sep)
69. Mayday 3DNA (18 Sep)
70. Johnny English Reborn (20 Sep)
71. Four Lions (21 Sep)
72. Fright Night (22 Sep)
73. Contagion (23 Sep)
74. Holiday Inn (29 Sep) +
75. Friends With Benefits (30 Sep)
76. Attack The Block (3 Oct)
77. The Sorcerer And The White Snake (7 Oct)
78. The Change-Up (8 Oct)
79. The Conspirator (12 Oct)
80. Real Steel (15 Oct)
81. The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (19 Oct)
82. The Help (21 Oct)
83. Killer Elite (23 Oct)
84. One Day (25 Oct)
85. The Battle Of Algiers (27 Oct)
86. The Blue Kite (29 Oct)
87. In Time (31 Oct)
88. Tower Heist (3 Nov)
89. Ra.One (4 Nov)
90. Drive (11 Nov)
91. The Adventures Of Tin-Tin (13 Nov)
92. The Ides Of March (17 Nov)
93. The Rum Diary (24 Nov)
94. Puss In Boots (26 Nov)
95. The Princess Bride (27 Nov) +
96. 50/50 (1 Dec)
97. Arthur Christmas (6 Dec)
98. Les Hommes Libres (8 Dec)
99. The Muppets (10 Dec)
100. The Artist (11 Dec)
101. The Flowers Of War (20 Dec)
102. Glee: The 3D Concert Movie (21 Dec) +
103. Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol (22 Dec)
104. Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game Of Shadows (26 Dec)

+ not in a cinema

1. The Laws Of Magic: Moment Of Truth - Michael Pryor (4 Jan)
2. Doctor Who: Ghosts Of India - Mark Morris (6 Mar)
3. Doctor Who: The Doctor Trap - Simon Messingham (9 Mar)
4. Doctor Who: Shining Darkness - Mark Michalowski (17 Apr)
5. Sweet Valley Confidential - Francine Pascal (6 May)
6. The Kane Chronicles: The Throne Of Fire - Rick Riordan (18 May)
7. Bossypants - Tina Fey (25 May)
8. Much Ado About Nothing - William Shakespeare; Josie Rourke ed (11 Jul)
9. The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter - Russell T Davies & Benjamin Cook (26 Jul)
10. A Song Of Ice And Fire: A Dance With Dragons (Book V) - George RR Martin (9 Sep)
11. Catherine Tate: Laugh It Up - Tina Ogle (25 Sep)
12. The Mysterious Benedict Society And The Prisoner's Dilemma - Trenton Lee Stewart (27 Sep)
13. Uglies - Scott Westerfeld (1 Oct)
14. Heroes Of Olympus: The Son Of Neptune - Rick Riordan (8 Oct)
15. Pretties - Scott Westerfeld (11 Oct)
16. Specials - Scott Westerfeld (13 Oct)
17. Extras - Scott Westerfeld (25 Oct)
18. The Belgariad: Pawn Of Prophecy (Book I) - David Eddings (29 Oct)
19. The Belgariad: Queen Of Sorcery (Book II) - David Eddings (3 Nov)
20. The Belgariad: Magician's Gambit (Book III) - David Eddings (13 Nov)
21. The Belgariad: Castle Of Wizardry (Book IV) - David Eddings (18 Nov)
22. The Belgariad: Enchanter's End Game (Book V) - David Eddings (21 Nov)
23. Richard III - William Shakespeare [Folger ed] (23 Nov)
24. The Mallorean: Guardians Of The West (Book I) - David Eddings (2 Dec)
25. The Mallorean: King Of The Murgos (Book II) - David Eddings (6 Dec)
26. The Mallorean: Demon Lord Of Karanda (Book III) - David Eddings (11 Dec)
27. The Mallorean: Sorceress Of Darshiva (Book IV) - David Eddings (23 Dec)

1. Rock Records 30th Anniversary Concert Live In Singapore (22 Jan)
2. Kit Chan @ Esplanade Concert Hall (13 Feb)
3. Fei Yu Qing @ Marina Bay Sands (20 Feb)
4. JJ Lin I Am World Tour Live In Singapore (5 Mar)
5. Michael Buble Crazy Love Live In Singapore (9 Mar)
6. Wawa @ NTUC Auditorium (2 Apr)
7. Reunion 9 @ Esplanade Concert Hall (14 May)
8. Wakin Chau Diva Live In Singapore (28 May)
9. Wan Fang @ Esplanade Concert Hall (18 Jun)
10. Jacky Cheung 1/2 Century Tour Live In Singapore (26 Aug)
11. Tiger Huang & Ricky Huang True Voice Live In Genting (27 Aug)
12. Wu Bai @ Legacy Taipei (3 Sep)
13. Kit Chan: The Music Room @ MBS (13 Oct)
14. Taiwan Golden Melodies 100 (22 Oct)
15. Winnie Hsin @ Poly Theatre Beijing (18 Dec)

1. Broadway For Suakus: You, Me, HDB? (18 Feb)
2. Emily Of Emerald Hill (6 Mar)
3. Marriage Is No Laughing Matter (1 Apr)
4. 881 The Musical (21 Apr)
5. Much Ado About Nothing (11 Jul)
6. Lend Me A Tenor (13 Jul)
7. Much Ado About Nothing (14 Jul)
8. Much Ado About Nothing (16 Jul matinee)
9. Much Ado About Nothing (19 Jul)
10. Much Ado About Nothing (23 Jul evening)
11. Much Ado About Nothing (Globe) (25 Jul)
12. Much Ado About Nothing (27 Jul)
13. Much Ado About Nothing (1 Aug)
14. Legally Blonde (3 Aug)
15. Much Ado About Nothing (4 Aug)
16. Much Ado About Nothing (8 Aug)
17. Betty Blue Eyes (11 Aug matinee)
18. Much Ado About Nothing (11 Aug)
19. Much Ado About Nothing (13 Aug evening)
20. Betwixt! (15 Aug)
21. Much Ado About Nothing (16 Aug)
22. Betrayal (17 Aug)
23. Butley (18 Aug matinee)
24. Much Ado About Nothing (18 Aug)
25. Much Ado About Nothing (20 Aug matinee)
26. Much Ado About Nothing (22 Aug)
27. Richard III (23 Nov)
28. Aladdin (2 Dec)
29. Crazy Christmas: A Little Bit Of Naughty And A Whole Lot Of Nice (14 Dec)
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House 7x07 A Pox On Our House (& 7x06 Office Politics)

I've been MIA for weeks and I have SO MANY things to flail about - like Castle paying GLORIOUS tribute to the X-Files this week, or part one of Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows being unexpectedly AWESOME, or Raising Hope being the best, funniest thing in my life right now - but really I need to buckle down and write out some thoughts on the last two episodes of House. Specifically in terms of the House/Cuddy relationship. Collapse )

Did any of that make sense? Urgh. I feel I should be more coherent and go through that and add more and THINK on it a bit more, but I honestly need to go to bed NOW. Work is too frightfully near for my liking. Yuck. Maybe I'll think this over and come back to this. In the meantime - I'm going to bed.
Castle | Squee!

"it's a town full of losers / i'm pulling out of here to win"

1. House is on hiatus for three weeks, and yet you guys get a post anyway!! Ahahaha, apparently I have things to ramble about. I promise to catch up on my flist - I'm days as opposed to weeks behind, so I'm optimistic I can do it this time!

2. The gif that follows is always relevant (LuPwning is ALWAYS relevant), especially since I'm currently reading Patti's memoir and totally having a ball doing so.

HBIC, yo.

However much gloss and shine and rose-tinted happy is painted over real-life events and trauma (and to Patti's credit, she talks quite frankly about her "moments" with Valium and booze), I love reading memoirs and getting stories and context for movies or musicals or shows I adore. Like, reading about the entire debacle that was The Baker's Wife and its troubled progress towards Broadway = awesome. I'm currently in the Les Miz section, and already I don't want it to end. Collapse )

3. So yeah, I'm totally in the mood for reading the memoirs of theatre folk right now. After Patti, I'm gonna hit up Cheno's book, and then Dame Julie Andrews' - yes, I've owned both books for yonks but have just never had the time to get down to reading them. And here's a related question: which celebrity's memoirs would you most love to get the chance to read? I've decided over the past day that my top two picks right now are Hugh Laurie and Alice Ripley. He'd write a fabulously quirky, deeply British tome full of self-deprecation and wit... and well, I pretty much want to read anything Alice will have to say about show business!

4. Speaking of Hugh Laurie: I am SO EXCITED for his blues album SDKLHGSDFHDFLSHDFLS. It's going to be released next spring, and the behind-the-scenes pics released yesterday pretty much KILLED ME DEAD FOREVER. I MEAN, SERIOUSLY, HOW SEXY IS THIS:


5. In other tv-watching news! CASTLE. Collapse )

6. I am watching ENTIRELY too much tv this season - but isn't The Good Wife AMAZING this year?! I can't wait for Michael J Fox's guest appearance!! And I'm now also hooked on the adorably quirky, horrifically awesome Raising Hope. I figured that so many people whose taste I trust were enamoured of the show, so I gave it a shot and I'm SO GLAD I DID. I love the feel of the show - how it switches from hilarious to horrifying to deeply affecting and sweet in a matter of heartbeats. AND MARTHA PLIMPTON. OMG MARTHA PLIMPTON. I'm SO GLAD she's getting a show that allows her to be gloriously sassy (and weird as heck) every week. SHE'S PERFECT. AND I WANT HER TO WIN AN EMMY NEXT YEAR. Plus she needs to sing on Raising Hope. Like, every episode. Collapse )

7. And HOW is it that I've been typing up this post for hours?! Urgh, I was supposed to sleep at a bit more of a respectable time today, since this week really is a complete killer for me work-wise. I have so much JUNK to do, and so many things to (re-)write and urgh DO NOT WANT ANY OF IT. Bedtime now, really. Sigh.
House | OT3


Yup, I've decided to liveblog because it keeps my random flailing down to something a... little more manageable. HERE'S HOPING, ANYWAY. Can I just say - maybe I'm shallow and easy to please and whatever (actually there's no 'maybe' about it), but I'm LOVING how this season is going and how it's been... so relatively nice and light so far. House (the character and the series) NEEDS some lightness, I think, after the last couple of seasons especially. I love the way we're now getting the chance to see him in a relationship: making trade-offs and sacrifices and telling lies in his own inimitable way, but... nevertheless invested. The amount of House/Wilson in this episode made me stupidly happy, btw.

Collapse )

And OMG CASTLE. I really loved the episode and I'd LOVE to flail more about it, but like I said - work beckons. Collapse )

OKAY I HAVE TO GET DRESSED FOR WORK NOW. Apologies for the lack of coherence this week.
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HOUSE 7X04 MASSAGE THERAPY & Castle 3x04 Punked

I've already got an icon of the adorablest moment of this latest episode of House, but I'm gonna try and be good and not spoil people RIGHT AWAY. ANYWAYS. It's 2.51am right now and I am STUPID for still being awake, but I'm gonna talk about House and Castle a little bit before going to sleep. HOW COULD I NOT. I'm not live-blogging or anything though - no time, so hopefully this post will be shorter. It's certainly going to be more impressionistic.... and strangely enough, I don't think it'll be in capslock. Not because the House/Cuddy interaction wasn't amazing, but because it was... more grown-up? UNLIKE CASTLE LOLOOLOL I loved this episode! Okay, more below the cut. Collapse )

Augh did I say that would be SHORT? I should never believe myself again. Basically I SHOULD live-blog, because that keeps me more or less to the running length of the episode, it's now past 4am and I have to work later ack ack ack. D: But I do need to talk about Castle and HOW AWESOME IT WAS. Collapse )

And omg now I really REALLY have to sleep, my brain and eyes are giving out. It's thundering outside. Wish I could sleep in all day...
House | Up High!


GUYS, I DON'T KNOW HOW I'M GOING TO SURVIVE THIS SEASON. I THINK IT MIGHT ACTUALLY KILL ME FROM HOW AMAZING IT IS. HOW IS THIS EPISODE JUST AS GOOD AS THE FIRST TWO?! AUGH AUGH AUGH. I clearly have my priorities completely messed-up as a result - it's 2.50am right now, I should PLAINLY be asleep because, you know, work day tomorrow later, but omigod whatever I am going to live-blog this episode as I rewatch it BECAUSE IT WAS SO AWESOME. Even though I haven't watched Castle - I had to give that up because I got home an hour and a half later than if I'd left the office right on time. Sadly, I spent the whole of my Tuesday writing a 26-paragraph piece of crap paper that drained my life force and my will to live. GOOD THING I CAME HOME TO BRAND NEW HOUSE, because I don't think I'd be in a fit state otherwise to continue my existence for the rest of the week.



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HOUSE 7X02 SELFISH (+ some thoughts on Castle 3x02 and DH 7x01!)

I honestly should just preface all my House entries this season with the disclaimer that what follows will be ENTIRELY IN CAPSLOCK BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T HAVE FUN READING ENTIRE BLOCKS OF CAPSLOCK. COME ON, YOU KNOW YOU LIKE IT. But I think I'll be... a little nicer to y'all today. Just ASSUME it's all in capslock. XD Besides, I got home nice and early today, by my standards, so I had plenty of time to bond with Photoshop right after watching the episode. I got most of my incoherent squeeing into my picspams. XD (The fruits of my labour are currently circulating on Tumblr. Some will follow beneath the cut, because PRETTY MUST BE SHARED.) This is a routine I could totally get used to though - getting home asap, showering while the episode downloads, watching it just before dinner. (Can I just say, I was SO PISSED OFF when my family disregarded my grumpy yelling and locked door as signs that I didn't want to eat until I was done with the episode? My dad called me ON MY MOBILE PHONE and I was, like, I AM WATCHING TV, GO AWAY. Oh, my priorities, do you like them.)

OH AND I WOKE UP THIS MORNING TO THE PICTURES OF HUGH LAURIE AND LISA EDELSTEIN ON THE COVER OF TV GUIDE. HOLY FUCKERY GUYS, AREN'T THE PICS AWESOME. AS WAS THE INTERVIEW. (CLICK!) I'M DYIIING FOR THE ONE IN WHICH HUGH DIPS LISA. NGL, I WANT TO MARRY IT A LITTLE. I mean, what better way to wake up on a Tuesday morning, right? Well, obviously the whole not-having-to-go-to-work-and-getting-to-livestream-the-episode thing would be BETTER. Stupid job.

So basically I grouched my way through work and was a supremely unconscionable mega-bitch to people in my immediate vicinity... pretty much until I got home from work. SIGH. Maybe I should make a case for getting time off on Tuesdays that I'll make up for any other time of the week. Not that I haven't clocked enough hours over the past eight years to make up for some time off, anyway... ;)


Having written all that - omigod. Guys. Do you remember the days when we would literally have... one, maybe two Cuddy scenes an episode, and we'd live on them for a week? Like Whatever It Takes from Season 4. I mean, I really enjoyed knowing that Cuddy knows how to kill a guy with her thumb, because she rocks that way, but that is honestly what we used to LIVE ON FOR A WEEK. AND LOOK AT HOW SPOILT WE ARE NOOOOW!!!! XD

Okay, I should really be asleep right this second, but I thought... just a few quick thoughts too on Castle and Desperate Housewives. It's been a good couple of weeks for my shows so far!! :D Collapse )

And now, whew, I really should go to bed after having written far too many words about TV. DO YOU GET THE SENSE I WATCH TOO MUCH TV, GUYS? Will get caught up on LJ soon. I promise. Tuesday is always roughest for me because it's all about House now. ALL. ABOUT. HOUSE.
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basically all I do these days is watch tv - which makes me really happy :D

1. OH HELLO, am I only starting this post at 5.49am? Well done as usual to any attempts to sleep like a normal person on my part - not that I've been trying very hard. This is a lazy, gorgeous weekend for me: literally I spent the whole of Saturday concussed in bed, either sleeping or watching TV (on which I have many many thoughts) and I finally uprooted myself from my bed to make icons of the pretty prettiness that is the House season premiere episode, Now What?.

2. HONESTLY I AM SO OBSESSED WITH THIS EPISODE, GUYS, I have no words for it. So obsessed I changed my LJ header, come visit:

ellixian ellixian ellixian

I'm currently sitting on 65 icons (stopped just after Wilson's first attempt to contact House i.e., at best halfway through the episode?! *weeps*) and will post a nice, big batch when I get through the entire episode. I CAN'T CHOOSE ICONS TO USE. I DON'T KNOW HOW, THERE ARE TOO MANY POSSIBILITIES. As for the episode itself: I think I must have watched it something like 3-4 times all the way through by now, with many MANY other viewings for specifically the House/Cuddy scenes (not going to estimate, actual number will only be horrific to most of you). Basically I STILL think it's as close to perfect as I could have asked for, really, in terms of finally getting what I've been pulling for for the last six years. ♥ I still watch the scenes in Now What? like... I can't believe they've HAPPENED, and that they all count as CANON now. Honestly, with this episode, I know that whatever shitstorm is going to follow for House and Cuddy (because shitstorm there will most definitely be), at least we had 7x01 - and everything this episode means for House and Cuddy and the love they have always had for each other. HAPPY SIGH.

3. Basically the entire last week of my life has been about fall tv coming back and filling a void in my soul. Seriously. I even had a really fantastic tv night in on Friday with noldoparma and C - really it was AWESOME. We left work on time (SUCH A FEAT!!), went down to Borders where we had skinny pizza (om nom nom) for dinner, then bought a whole truckload of snacks and ice cream to head back to my house. Where I insisted they watch House (WHAT, I'M NOT OBSESSED) - both Now What? and Help Me, because I refused to allow them to miss out on that gorgeously-filmed, impeccably acted final episode for Season 6. After that, we watched the season premiere of Boooones as well as 30 Rock. OMG TV I LOVE YOU FOREVER.

4. And since there's truly very little going on in my life right now apart from tv, tv and more tv - I'm gonna talk about TV. (SURPRISE!!) I actually have a question about House to ask those who watch spoilers and stuff more closely than I do. (Yes, I really am mostly unspoiled for what's to come. That means there are no spoilers inside the cut beyond the pics that exploded all over the interweb during the summer hiatus, if y'all are worried.) Collapse )

5. I have also been exalting over the fact that my other TV shows are BACK BACK BACK. :D Flail follows beneath the cut. Spoilers for the premiere episodes too, of course. Collapse )

6. After watching all of that, I finally got around to blasting through the second half of Season 1 of Hot In Cleveland. Which, you know, I really shouldn't have found so amusing since it's such an old-school, old-fashioned sitcom that I could see so many of the jokes telegraphed from a mile away. But the CAST. OMG, every single one of them I've loved at one point or another - well, except for Valerie Bertinelli. But Betty Mothereffin' White (who is SO HILARIOUS when she deadpans or snarks through a scene as Elka), Wendie Malick (HBIC HBIC HBIC) and Jane Leeves? Yeah, I'm quite quite happy to go to there. I legit LOL-ed quite a bit during the episodes. NOT ASHAMED TO ADMIT IT. And hey, one of the regular guest-stars was CARL REINER i.e., legendary creator/writer of the Dick Van Dyke Show, THAT CARL REINER.

7. On top of all the shows I've already flailed about, I'm also looking forward to Monday (for me), since then I'll be able to watch the season premieres of Desperate Housewives and The Amazing Race! :D And there are other new shows I might want to try out too... OMG FALL TV SEASON, ILU SO VERY, VERY MUCH. XD

8. And now it's 6.50am (EEK) and I really need to go to bed. In theory, anyway.......